(Inspiring young people to achieve excellence)

Young Leaders Foundation (YOLEF) is a non profit organisation founded in London, England UK by Brian Gray-Mills and a group of volunteers to equip, empower, strengthen and inspire young people to develop leadership qualities to be more responsible in their lives and to serve as good role model for their peers as well as influencing them positively to avoid social vices thus bad traits, unhealthy and negative behaviours such as alcohol drug addiction, violence, bullying, teenage pregnancy, gang-related crimes etc.

YOLEF also seeks to encourage young people to take their education seriously by having the right attitude towards life, their studies and the due respect for their teachers, parents and guardians in order to achieve excellence for their academic endeavours to help them secure the best careers possible in the future to become influential in their communities to make their families and nation proud.

The organisation is passionate to Promote fundraising projects to support young people suffering from terminal diseases. This is in line with our mandate to give hope and support to young people who are less privileged in societies.

In order to develop the necessary confidence and self-esteem among young people, YOLEF strives to design and Organise conferences, camp meetings, seminars, workshops etc to get them involved to bring out their best qualities and encourage them to aim high to make achievements in an honourable and acceptable way. Our talent shows, for instance, is to identify the rich talents of young people in order to nurture, invest and reward them appreciably.