Add Value To Your Life

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of MORE VALUE than many sparrows.
Luke 12:7

The word value means to be important. How can we add value to ourselves? It is by learning something new. You can become more skillful and excellent than you are by just adding some value to your life. Unfortunately, many people spend several hours rocking on a chair, watching pictures in magazines without adding any value to their lives.

Some young people spend all their time watching TV, listening to music, roaming from friend to friend, on face book, twitter, snap chat, Instagram etc that don’t add any value to their lives. Always think of ways to improve yourself. Many people have failed to improve themselves. Some of them have even lost their jobs because they lack skills.

The type of skills they have is out of fashion and is not needed any more by their employers. Whatever you are doing, do it with excellence. If you are a student spend time with the right resources to do well with your education. Solve past questions always, respect your teachers, and follow instructions first time.

Make sure you are not late to class; contribute during lessons and always ask sensible questions. Don’t disturb the class. Don’t allow unserious and low life friends to influence you to misbehave and get into trouble. Choosing a better life style will push you forward in life to be successful. That is how you add value to your life as a student.

Bad friends will fuel you to be rude to your teachers and elderly. When you get into trouble, they will all vanish into thin air. When you mention their names as witnesses they will pretend, and deny any knowledge of what you are talking about. You will soon realise that you’ve become the biggest fool. A lot of people have ended up in prison because of this reason. In the secondary schools especially certain friends form groups.

They agree on the type of dress they will wear for certain days in the week. The ladies, for instance, will wear skit or trousers based on their agreement. The gents will also do their own thing. These groups think they are on top of the world. They sometimes make the most noise in the schools. They don’t respect anybody. They are attention seekers. They do not concentrate on their studies at school or at home. They want to be popular for doing wrong things. That is stupidity and not wisdom.

Following bad friends can make you die early. They will influence you to take drugs and dangerous substances; follow men to have sex for money, follow bad advice to have sex with your girlfriends when marriage has not yet taken place. They spend all their time chatting about their boyfriends and girlfriends. They have no aim in life apart from that. Because of bad advice, some ladies get pregnant unexpectedly. They end up committing abortion which is sinful in the eyes of God. Some even lose their lives in the process.

Instead of adding value to their lives, some young people spend all weekends at parties and nightclubs. Instead of spending the time to discuss things that they have been taught at school they waste time gossiping. They forget that they will not be in school forever. Your performance at school can determine how far you go in life.

Your purpose in the school is to study, pass your exams and get a better future. Most young people do not listen. They want to learn the hard way. They want to learn by bad experiences. They want to experiment with their lives. You will save your life and future by focusing on adding value to your life.

If you are a professional or business person learn something new about your trade to add value to your life. You must always think of better ways to serve people. Always remember that nobody can change things better than yourself. You have the opportunity now to make things right to see your life move in the right direction. God will help you to direct your life into honour, respect and other aspects of rich blessings. God bless you always.


i. Learn your memory verse:

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of MORE VALUE than many sparrows.
Luke 12:7

ii. Answer the following questions.

1. List ten most dangerous things that can destroy your life.

2. List ten habits that can destroy people’s life.

3. List ten attitudes that can help improve your life.

4. What do you understand by following instructions the first time?

5. If you have the opportunity to advise your friends about adding value to their lives; what will you say?

6. If you are a student, what should be your main aim at school?

7. What must you do when bad friends are trying to influence you to do wrong things?

8. In what ways can you make your parents, families, and nation proud?

9. In what ways can you use your time and energy wisely?

10. Explain why young people should listen to good advice.

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